4/21/2005 01:55:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||The radio show last night was a lot of fun, lots of phone calls and requests - a wonderful evening all around. Today and Tomorrow I'll be posting my favorite Nina Simone songs, this isn't meant to be a complete list of her greatest hits (how ever that could be narrowed down) but just four songs that make me think of her the most.

I Love Your Loving Ways, might be my favorite song of all time - it's not very deep but the way Nina rips through the song - and the top notch instrumentation make it one of the best summertime love songs ever. Love Me or Leave Me similarly doesn't have the lyrical depth of a lot of her other songs, but Nina's interpretation of the song adds such weight emotion to the words, it's just perfect, I mean the way she phrases "i intend to be inde-pend-ently blue..." is just so wonderful.

Nina Simone - I Love Your Loving Ways

Nina Simone - Love Me Or Leave Me|||111410920068156066|||I Love You Loving Ways4/21/2005 05:06:46 PM|||Andy|||My post today might interest you...Johnnie Johnson...

I love the comparisons between Simone and her predecessors!