4/5/2005 11:11:00 AM|||peter patnaik|||The Stagolee files are down now. If you have any need for any of the stagolee files, just email me and I'll send them along. The other change is that I will be taking files down after a week, rather than almost a month so hop on the files as soon as possible.

I first blogged Barbecue Bob in the first week so of this blog's existence and he made his way onto the first volume of the mix cd. I'm blogging him again because it's spring time, this song represents the last week or so of the blog and it's also one of the finest country blues songs around. Barbecue Bob plays a fast Piedmont blues style guitar - more influenced by pre-blues banjo players than most Piedmont blues musicians, but you can still hear Curley Weaver and Blind Willie McTell in his guitar. Wonderful springtime dancing song.

Barbecue Bob - Honey, Your Going Too Fast
|||111271664927171591|||Honey, Your Going Too Fast4/11/2005 05:58:24 PM|||countrygrrl|||barbecue bobs was of course the hangout joint owned by DR Sloan aka dick van dyke in his great show Diagnosis Murder....anyway this track is well worth the listen so thanx for fab blog and lots of gr8t music