4/12/2005 01:05:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||Proving once again that I'm way behind on this blogger scene, apparently you can buy stock in my blog. Blogshares.com has set up a blog stock market that has some system of valuing stock based on incoming hits through some site. Anyway my stock is on the rise! As you can see by the charst, Honey is going up and up and up. Sadly I own zero shares of my own blog,making all these gains worth 0 fake dollars to me.

Today we are featuring another great "lost" blues player by the name of Jack Gowdlock. From my research it appears he recorded 4 sides for Victor in 1931, the first two were gospel sides that were not issued and the other two were Poor Jane Blues and Rollin' Dough Blues. Blind Nesbitt (I've only heard of this singer, if anyone has recordings by him let me know) apparently sang on the two unissued sides which seem like they would be amazing. Gowdlock was well known in his area (Union County, NC) as one of the best guitar players around and you can hear his very precise form of Piedmont Blues guitar on this track though his country influenced vocals dominate the mix.

Jack Gowdlock - Rollin' Dough Blues
|||111333057140224710|||Honey Has Gone Public?4/12/2005 08:52:46 PM|||guanoboy|||I had the same revelation a few days ago...I can't even make fake money, what's up with that?

d4/12/2005 09:18:54 PM|||'Thought & Humor'|||Thought I would stop in to say, "Hi"!!!

'Thought & Humor'
http://ilovehowdy.blogspot.com/4/12/2005 10:55:40 PM|||Anonymous|||Do you know anything about the song "Dough Rollin' Papa" by Buddy Moss?4/13/2005 11:34:12 AM|||peter patnaik|||I haven't heard the Buddy Moss song (i need to get more buddy moss sides) so I can't compare them, but I'd love to hear it.4/13/2005 06:44:40 PM|||Anonymous|||about blind nesbitt. well i have a blind gussie nesbitt on a document cd "blind joe taggart vol.2" and he is interesting. from what i know 4 recordings made between 1930-1935 survive; he is singing gospel tunes that sort of sound like blind willie johnson, however different in the fact that sometimes during the songs blind nesbitt has no concern for singing in pitch or whatnot... interesting stuff.