3/8/2005 11:41:00 AM|||peter patnaik|||Me and Geoff have talked it over and we are going to try to organize Stagolee week for next week 3/14 - 3/18. We'll need your help though! We need people to send in your favorite version of the classic ballad with a line or two, I'll post a list of the versions that have already been claimed so that we don't have repeat songs. We are looking for all different versions of the songs from any genre. This could be really great.

Luke Jordan has one of the kindest voices that I've heard. In the same vein as Miss. John Hurt or Elizabeth Cotten but with the phrasing and style of Charley Jordan, Luke Jordan recorded a handful of sides in the late 20s. Coming from the Piedmont blues style, Jordan has very country influenced guitar style that's very clean and precise. A hauntingly sad and beautiful track.

Luke Jordan - Church Bell Blues
|||111030113432299649|||That Low Down Deacon Who Stole My Gal3/8/2005 02:08:59 PM|||Spoilt Victorian Child|||Stagger (Stag-o) Lee is such a brilliant song, one of the best in fact.
I posted my favourite version by Wilson Pickett some time back...
If by any chance you need the mp3 just give me a shout.

this was the post....
(back in the day when i didn't use pictures... blimey!)

SVC Wilson PostSimon
x3/9/2005 12:02:13 AM|||Ted Cogswell|||My post-war R&B/blues/soul/r'n'r, etc. blog is finally up and going. Just posted some Little Walter and Rosco Gordon to kick things off. I hope to share some of my favorite music, hope you'll like it.

http://realthingblog.blogspot.com3/9/2005 08:16:40 AM|||Chris|||I don't know if "Wrong 'em Boyo" counts as a pure Stag-o-lee version, but I've got the original Rulers version (from '67) if you want it.3/9/2005 09:27:00 AM|||bigrockcandymountain|||i'm partial meself to The Bassholes' take, "Stack o'Lee and Billy Lyons". Great, sweaty, two-man bluescowpunk outta Columbus, Ohio. Actually gonna do a post on them Thursday. Not posting that tune, but, like SVC, I'd be happy to send a copy of the song yr way.3/9/2005 03:58:59 PM|||Mateo Manta Verde|||There's Nick Cave's version as well, which I can send along if you don't already have it.