3/25/2005 11:42:00 AM|||peter patnaik|||
Stagolee was by far the biggest event Honey, Where You Been So Long has been part of and I'd like to thank everyone who visited the site as well as a special thanks to all of those who contributed songs and to Andy for his very kind words. Here is a rundown and link of every song we posted as well as a few tracks that we didn't. This post will be moved to a permanent page once it has left the front page for all of yr Stagolee needs. New tracks included Big Bill Broonzy, Sam Ku West and Woody Guthrie.

Wilson Pickett - Stagger Lee

Bama - Stackerlee

Mississippi John Hurt - Stack - O - Lee Blues

Long "Cleve" Reed and Little Harvey Hull - Original Stack O' Lee Blues

David Miller - That Bad Man Stackolee

Bob Dylan - Stack A Lee

Frank Hutchison - Stackalee

Frank Hutchison - Stackalee (instrumental)

Lucious Curtis and Willie Ford - Stagolee

Hogman Maxey - Stagolee

Llyod Price - Stagger Lee

Taj Mahal - Stagger Lee

Duke Ellington and His Kentucky Club Orchestra - Stack O'Lee Blues

Sidney Bechet - Old Stack O'Lee Blues

Archibald - Stack-A-Lee Parts 1 and 2

Kruger Brothers - Stagolee

Bassholes - Stack O' Lee and Billy Lyons

Bassholes - Stack O' Lee (secret strength of depression)

Bassholes - Stack O' Lee

Dr. John - Stakalee

The Rulers - Wrong 'Em Boyo

The Clash - Wrong 'Em Boyo

Elvis Presley - Stagger Lee

The Beach Boys - Stagger Lee

James Brown - Stagger Lee

Waring's Pennsylvanians - Stack O'Lee Blues

Cliff Edwards - Stack O'Lee Part One

Cliff Edwards - Stack O'Lee Part Two

Art Hodes - Stack O'Lee Blues

Bert Garvin (with J.P. Fraley) - Stackolee

Ma Rainey - Stack O' Lee

Furry Lewis - Billy Lyons and Stack O' Lee

Sly and The Family Stone - Thank You For Talkin' To Me Africa

Beck - Stagolee

Dave Van Ronk - Stagger Lee

Taj Mahal - Stagger Lee (Live)

Ben Andrews - Stagolee

Black Keys - Stack Shot Billy

Dave Bartholomew - Son Of Stagger Lee

Doc Watson - Stackolee

Nick Cave - Stagger Lee (big)

Nick Cave - Stagger Lee (small)

Professor Longhair - Stag-O-Lee

Bert Jansch - Stagolee

Sol Hoopii - Stack O'Lee

Sam Ku West - Stack O' Lee Blues

Tennessee Ernie Ford - Stack O' Lee

Queen and Jack King - Stack O' Lee Blues

Snatch and The Poontangs - The Great Stack A Lee

Ike And Tina Turner - Stagger Lee

Grateful Dead - Stagger Lee

Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Slim and Sonny Boy Williamson - Stackalee

Woody Guthrie - Stackalee
|||111177178681115736|||Stagolee Recap and Remaining Titles3/25/2005 01:56:14 PM|||Anonymous|||Stagolee week was great -- I was glad to have played a small part in this. I think my favorite tracks here are the furry Lewis and Hogman Maxey versions. This would make a really interesting CD complilation, except that 170 minutes of stackolee would definitely not be for casual listening.
~Steve Hanna3/25/2005 02:22:06 PM|||Spoilt Victorian Child|||I thought Stagger week was fantastic....
But looking at all the great versions lined up like that....

Thanks soooo much for putting this whole thing together.

x3/26/2005 06:24:05 AM|||Anonymous|||Your website is getting better and better...
Thank you very much for your energy and work..
Here in Denmark it is very difficult to get those prewar records..
It is a true goldmine for me..
What about Tommy Johnson's "Big Road Blues" as a tread?
Or "Walking Blues"? with Son House and countless other artists..
Thanks. Ejler3/26/2005 01:59:36 PM|||erik hogstrom|||This Stagolee week was fabulous!
I enjoy visiting your blog. You do a great job.3/26/2005 04:15:40 PM|||fairest|||Great stuff. This was my favorite week of interaction with a website EVER. Kisses!

I guess you never came across Neil Diamond version. Very Neil-like and good.3/26/2005 04:41:03 PM|||Anonymous|||This was a great week. I got re-acquainted with some old favorites (Furry Lewis, Mississippi John Hurt), some not so old faves (Bert Jansch, Dave Van Ronk) and some brand new ones -- Hawaiian Stagolees, Beck, and on.

I can't think of another place where I could have gotten this kind of musical experience. Thanks!

Kate3/27/2005 03:56:02 AM|||Reverend Frost|||Thanx for the fantastic job !3/28/2005 04:39:10 AM|||Anonymous|||*sob*

the links are broken. Still trying to get all these tracks. Dialup is a filthy whore.4/02/2005 03:02:22 AM|||Anonymous|||I try to do this kind of things for my art students (in Paris) ; but this page is incredible, it resumes the story of blues with all the possible inflexions. I never saw such a wide range of possible comparison. Of course, I'll put it at their disposition !
Thanks so much4/03/2005 05:32:47 AM|||darwin|||Only the top two links seem to be working for me.. :/

=darwin4/04/2005 03:41:54 AM|||Anonymous|||I recommend 'Stagolee Shot Billy' by Cecil Brown - an excellent history of the song.11/04/2005 07:12:17 AM|||Music Downloads Center|||I just came across your blog and wanted to drop you a note telling you how impressed I was with the information you have posted here.
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