3/20/2005 07:27:00 AM|||Geoffrey Balasoglou|||I'm going to make my final Stack O'Lee post on Sol Hoopii.

Sol Hoopii was an incredible Hawaiian slide guitarist. He was one of a kind and had the ability to eshape any traditional song to his unique style. Born in 1902 in Honolulu Hawaii, Sol was the youngest of 21 children. Sol came to the United States as a stowaway in a ocean liner in 1919. His best recordings are from the 20s. He recorded the "Stack O'Lee Blues" for Columbia records in 1926. Have listen to some masterful slide guitar playing in the refreshing take on the Stagger Lee legend.

(sorry for the poorness of this post, it's almost midnight and I have work tommorow)

Sol Hoopii - Stack O'Lee|||111132341626391669|||Stagger Lee Turns Hawaiian3/20/2005 11:03:57 AM|||Andreas|||thank you very much for that wonderful week with stagger lee. this was great. Andreas