3/2/2005 02:07:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||I'm watching my first baseball game of the year, the Mets v. Nationals spring training game, and I'm already excited, also the prospects of fantasy baseball (where's the mp3 blogger league?) and even more geeky - MVP Baseball 2005. Expect this fervor to be pretty high until the Reds lose 8 games in a row to fall from 1st to 4th (where they'll stay the rest of the season) and Ken Griffey Jr. gets hurt again. Sigh. The problem with Firefox not loading was a result of one of the pictures on the first page and ipv6 (which I have turned off because of these problems).

Radio Show tonight 7-9 EST streaming online at wuag.net

Today features another track by Blind Willie McTell that I hadn't heard before. Kill It Kid Rag/Bag recorded by Alan Lomax in 1940 for the Library of Congress (I need this disc). Like all of Lomax's recordings this track captures McTell in his own environment, and the performance is more lively and a more accurate representation of the Piedmont Blues style than his studio recordings. You can feel that these songs were written for dance parties and not 78 record collectors.

Blind Willie McTell - Kill It Kid|||110979522967726746|||Radio Show Tonight !3/2/2005 11:17:49 PM|||toph|||Blind Willie McTell's 1940 Lomax sessions are really, really good. Definitely check them out if you get the chance. Apparently Kill It Kid Rag showed up in a lot of Lomax's archives from around that time which I've read suggests it was either a popular song at the time or that it was one that Lomax enjoyed and requested a lot. Not necessarily completely indicative of the rest of his material during these sessions, but that's beside the point. Definitely worth getting.3/4/2005 10:09:12 PM|||fairest|||Need to mention once more how much I appreciate your blog. I'm a jazzhead and this is opening up some new world to me.

Mets Nationals -- funny, I'm a Mets fan. When I heard "Nationals" I thought - who the f are they? The Montreal switch to DC slipped my mind this winter.