3/7/2005 01:49:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||It's pretty wonderful outside today, which isn't really putting me in the "blues" mood so much. I watched the one part of the PBS documentary series "The Blues" that I had missed last night. "Warming By The Devil's Fire" tries to tell the story about the difference between "blues" and "gospel" and how that difference really tore at the preformer's life. Unfortunately like most of the series it's filled with awful dramatizations and not enough performance or research into the topic itself.

St. Louis Bessie is a pseudonym for Bessie Mae Smith who also recorded under several other names throughout her career. This track is one of the better "daddy treats me so bad" sides around with a wonderful piano track that's credited to Roosevelt Sykes. Wonderful down-tempo blues track, in case you aren't having as great weather as I am.

St. Louis Bessie - He Treats Me Like A Dog|||111022347807204252|||He Treats Me Like A Rattlesnake.