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Turns out the reason the server is down is not because of increased traffic but because some person/forum/whatever felt the need to directly link to my files and then just download them all day and night using up almost 1/3 of my allotted bandwidth. Because of this I will not be uploading tracks this week on my smaller servers because I can not turn off hotlinking on them.

Hotlinking is the process of linking to the files directly, bypassing my webpage. This allows people/leechers to download without mediation and without me receiving any webpage hits/and basically just sucks up bandwidth. For the future of Honey, Where You Been So Long it is important that this doesn’t take place as bandwidth is expensive, but also if the server is going to be down after a few days it’s like I’m throwing my money away.The other result of this Hotlinking is that I will not be able to keep the Stagolee tracks up as long as I wanted to. I will keep the list up, and if you want any tracks I will be more than happy to email them to you. It’s awfully sad that such a great moment had to be ruined by a few kids.


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By Chris on 03.29.05 2:25 pm

I sympathize completely–the same thing happened to me recently. Someone running an alleged “web DJ” page directly linked to the downloads. Luckily, I had taken the songs down around the same time, so it didn’t take up too much bandwidth.

I’m thinking of further reducing the time songs are up on my site in the hopes of preventing leechers from becoming an issue.

By Chris on 03.29.05 2:25 pm

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By peter patnaik on 03.29.05 4:42 pm

yea that’s a good idea.i need to start deleted stuff regularly. i never though ripping off pre-war music would be such a cool thing to do.

By sleepybomb on 03.29.05 10:16 pm

i really like this site, and while jealous of the music, would never link to your server, (i’d like to know where ya got it, but).
you even have a disclaimer, do not hot-link. . .
i hope you find the thief.
and i do like this place alot . .

By alana post on 03.31.05 7:15 am

i’ve been syndicating news sites and now weblogs on my forum ( and i’m starting to throw in some mp3 weblogs as well.

the bot pulls in the full post (or whatever the xml’s set to do) and links to the site with a ‘Read more…’ link.

my question is: is this hotlinking? i’ve had problems with this too (i don’t have an mp3 blog, but i do have an andromeda mp3 server, and i pay for bandwidth) and i don’t want to end up causing other people problems.

thoughts? ):

By alana post on 03.31.05 7:17 am

also wanted to add in smarter image hotlinking prevention, which i’ve found somewhat useful.

By Chris on 03.31.05 8:22 am


I wouldn’t call that hotlinking–what I was talking about (& I think Peter is) is when someone puts up on a message board, for example, a direct link to the actual download, so that countless people can grab the song without even having to visit your site..

Sites that link to the web page (like Web Nymph) are fine w/me…that’s how a lot of people find my site.

By darwin on 04.03.05 5:23 am

What song(s) did they link to?


By peter patnaik on 04.03.05 8:01 pm

just the stagolee files. syndicating the site is fine as that doesn’t link to the file server.

By Anonymous on 04.05.05 2:53 am

Sorry to hear about your linking troubles. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated all the work you put into the Stagolee set. It’s wonderful. For several years, I had the idea in the back of my mind that I’d like to make a mix CD with nothing but versions of Stagolee on it, and never found enough versions to fill a disc. Then you posted your Stagolee set, and my jaw just dropped. So much great stuff. Wow.

By Dave on 04.06.05 1:28 pm

Might want to think about using to host larger files etc….the links die automagically after a week or so, and you can make it a .zip/.rar/.tar/etc if you want various files as one download for users…

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