3/11/2005 01:50:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||I'm pretty amazed by the number and quality of all the stagolee tracks we've received in the past week. I'm really really excited about next week and pulling all these tracks together (and the fancy new header that's going up for the week) and hopefully my surprises will work out and make it a really great week here on Honey. Here of course is the updated list, I'm of course still wanting more and more tracks so keep sending them this weekend.

I really like the trend among reissue groups to document smaller soul labels and music scenes. This track is from Thelma's Detroit Collective the second in a series of reissuses about the Thelma Record company a smaller Detroit record label whose talent and production were almost as good as Motown's. I mean look at their roster, Martha Reeves, The O'Jay's, Billie Kennedy and Joey Kingfish. This track is by Kingfish and it's a cover of the Professional's big hit "Did My Baby Call?," and it's wonderful, I hadn't heard Kingfish before this album and now I want to hunt down every 45 he released, such a strong voice and wonderful production. I'll have this on repeat all weekend, without question.

Joey Kingfish - Did My Baby Call?|||111057224371464607|||Did My Baby Call?