2/8/2005 01:29:59 PM|||peter patnaik|||After seemingly being cold forever, it's finally an acceptable 70 degrees here in North Carolina and it's pretty awesome. Kallie, the official puppy of Honey..., has been enjoying the wonderful Greensboro Bark Park this past weekend meeting several nice puppy friends including a very hunky dalmation that she just swooned over all Sunday. In website news, honeytest.blogspot.com has the the basic layout for the new site. To be added is a really awesome banner image and a bunch of other fixes including some color stuff and whatnot.

The Georgia Cotton Pickers are a country blues group comprising of some of the country blues players around. I mean look at this line up - Buddy Moss, Barbecue Bob, Curley Weaver and Eddie Mapp. This track "She Looks So Good" is a blazing fast country blues romp featuring stellar vocals and some wonderful harmonica and guitar work. Perfect song for this North Carolina winter.

  • Georgia Cotton Pickers - She Looks So Good

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