2/9/2005 02:52:11 PM|||peter patnaik|||A very rain logged edition of the Gate City Blues radio program will be happening tonight from 7-9pm EST and it streams live and in stereo at wuag.net. I need some help with the redisgn (please!) if you check out honeytest you'll see that the sidebar is all messed up, none of the text lines up properly, also Disclaimer for some reason is pretty far down the page, etc. I dunno how to fix it or how to reconstructed, help please!

Elizabeth Johnson is a pretty average blues singer from the late twenties who was blessed with great session players. This track is a cover of the great Bessie Smith song "Empty Bed Blues." Johnson's approach and phrasing is okay but King Oliver on corent and Clarence Williams on piano, the track really shines.

  • Elizabeth Johnson - Empty Bed Blues (Pt 1)

  • |||110798046756047345|||Radio Show Tonight !2/9/2005 10:51:41 PM|||claren44|||Peter-
    I think if you check below, you'll see what happened as far as Disclaimer:
    >style sheet<
    /* ---( layout structure )---*/
    #sidebar {
    margin: 0 76px 0 547px;
    >padding: 80px 0 0 0;<
    font-size: 65%;
    line-height: 2.4em;
    color: #a1a1a1;

    Take the padding out (or cut it to 20px) & see what happens. As for the rest of the sidebar, without a lot of center content it looks really odd left-aligned. But, when you think of it center- or right-aligned, it will still look odd. Until there's something visible there, I can't tell if it's me or what. Guess that's why my homepage design was a modified design from oswd. lol
    Love & Peace, Clarence