2/2/2005 01:24:40 PM|||peter patnaik|||The Gate City Blues radio program streams tonight from 7-9pm and plays the best pre-war blues the internet can handle. I'm feeling mostly better (and not addicted to nasal spray) but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before my better half gets sick again and brings me down with her. I need to make sure she's drinking her OJ in the morning or something.

Today's track is from a unknown (as far as I can tell) Reverend, BJ Hill. The song of course is Lower My Dying one of my all time favorite gospel tracks and Hill is back by an equally as talented male congregation. This is one of the most powerful versions of the song that I've heard, Hill's voice is just stunning on parts like "...all i want you to do for me/is read it when i'm dead" where he conveys the sadness, but with out fear his time of dying.

Note about the recording:

I always try to post mp3s that don't have a lot of surface noise, but this is pretty low and scratchy. It's very audible, however, just crack up the speakers a little bit and it should be okay.

  • Rev. BJ Hill - Lower My Dying Head
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