2/18/2005 11:27:00 AM|||peter patnaik|||I promise that I'll learn to link files properly over the weekend as well. I think I'm going to the Neko Case show tonight at Chapel Hill, but I can't really bring myself to be excited about it, even thought I'm a huge fan of both Case and the Sadies.

Big Maybelle, as her name implies was a big southern woman with a voice that matched. Honestly, her voices is one of the biggest I've heard, rattlying my desk/speakers/car every time she goes "OOOHHHH I'm a jealous woman..." Her life was much to short, riddled by drug addiction and money problems, but her work seems to represent both her struggles with her own blues as well as lighter songs such as her big hit "Gabbin' Blues" one of the best recorded versions of the "dozens" I've heard. This track is "Please Stay Away From My Sam" a blues standard, done in Maybelle's blues/rock style featuring the slickest horns this side of Chess records.

  • Big Maybelle - Please Stay Away From My Sam
  • |||110874825747954666|||Please Stay Away From My Sam2/18/2005 06:52:21 PM|||Andy|||Another great musician. Thanks!

    -Andy (What's Knittin', Kitten?)2/26/2005 07:24:34 PM|||Kate|||I'd sure like to hear "Gabbin' Blues." I'm sort of collecting 'signifying' songs!3/1/2005 03:56:54 PM|||jole|||hey, your new site looks great. hope you get the kinks worked out.

    where did you get this photo of big maybell? sure looks like rufus thomas there...i'm willing to be this is an ernest withers photo....