2/11/2005 02:30:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||Apparently Blogger has changed the way our blogs handle comments, so now you can leave comments with yr name everything without having to have a Blogger account. Geoff's Jimmy Smith post is really wonderful, like many people I hadn't heard any of Smith's downtempo work, so this was a real eye opener, man. We are also toying around with the idea of having a Stackolee week, if you are interested in posting your favorite version of this blues ballad let me know.

Wanda Jackson is one of my favorite people, both a great rock and roll singer as well as wonderful country star. Jackson was discovered as a teenager by Hank Thompson, the great country star, and has a big career in the late 50's and early 60's as rock star, she moved into country to moderate success, but nothing like original hits. Recently Jackson released a real fun revival album and there is a really great tribute album to her with Neko Case and Robbie Fulks on it. This track is "Cool Love" one of her quissential hits, and it's easy to see why, furious piano playing, Jackson's sexy and demanding voice and some awesome guitar work. Dance Dance Dance!

  • Wanda Jackson - Cool Love
  • |||110815145558165240|||My Heart Gets All The Breaks2/11/2005 06:36:03 PM|||Anonymous|||hey rock a diddle yeeeeha this is one of those rockahula cut gems. thanx for this track a dame that will live forever...keep it country and slap those chaps.
    from a hillbilly in scotland2/13/2005 02:32:45 PM|||darcey|||Glad to have run into your site. Best regards!2/14/2005 07:06:00 PM|||Anonymous|||Hey there! I recently found yer blog and read that you're toying w/ the idea of a Stackolee week. I host a weekly roots program on WMPG (Portland,Maine) and I ran a long series on variations of the ballad a few years ago. Each week I played one or two versions and excerpts of a 60-minute interview I did with Cecil Brown, author of "Stagolee Shot Billy." I have each episode compiled on 2 CDs and would be happy to send copies your way. If you're interested, visit http://www.wmpg.org/shows/thufolk.htm
    for my email link. (I doubt any of the versions I played will surprise you, but Dr Brown's insights are quite good.)2/15/2005 05:11:15 PM|||guanoboy|||One of the best...

    thanks!2/16/2005 05:09:15 PM|||Andy|||Wanda Jackson is so great. Thanks for getting me even more into her than before.