2/1/2005 01:30:09 PM|||peter patnaik|||Sorry about the lack of Monday postings, but they should return soon. My lovely lady friend gave me yet another cold, making it three in the past six or so months, so today has seemingly dragged on forever. I did discover the wonders of Afrin though apparently only two days away from being a full blown nasal spray addict. That would certainly make for a good blog, though.

Sometimes I get emails that baffle me, because I know I've posted these people. And yet it turns out that I've over looked some really great blues players, but no matter I'm going to post them all in due time. Today's sadly forgotten blues great is Casey Bill Weldon one of the most unique and talented blues guitar players around. Weldon has always sounded a lot like Tampa Red vocally/lyrically but his guitar sound, somewhere between western swing and Hawaiian slack and something all his own. This track I think represents both a very solid track by Weldon showcasing his style of guitar playing and his wonderful vocals.

  • Casey Bill Weldon - Lady Doctor Blues

  • |||110728494910279339|||Head Cold Blues2/1/2005 07:15:53 PM|||Anonymous|||Thanks for all the great posts. Whenever I check out your blog I always find some nice things.

    On the subject of colds, please believe me that the only thing that I have found that really works is this zinc nasal gel called Zicam. I just got over a cold super fast, and I hadn't had a cold in four years prior. As a smoker I can tell you that I used to hate colds, because they would invariably cause enormous chest congestion that about killed me. As soon as you feel one coming on, smear some of this crap in your nose. Instead of the lozenge, which gets processed through your digestive system, (which makes one sick, as well as diluting the effect of the zinc,) this is processed through the bloodstream, allowing one to take a higher dose, and beat those nasty colds.

    Good luck to you and your lady friend.

    g_america@hotmail.com2/2/2005 05:59:42 PM|||Anonymous|||serendipity - just listening to a CD of Casey Bill Weldon. The astonishing thing is that he stopped recording in the late 30s but seems to have been still alive in the late 60s.