2/17/2005 01:32:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||Thanks everyone for taking time look over the honytest site. These are the things I'm going to work on fixing this weekend:

1. Sidebar being too big
2. Font sizes too small
3. Fixing the archives
edit: 4. Making sure i always type .mp3 at the end of my links.

Hopefully this won't be too hard and the new design can go live over the weekend/early next week. The Project Runaway reunion was sorta anticlimactic, though I must read that interview with Vanessa, does anyone know where it was published?

Bertha Lee was Charley Patton's wife at the time of his death and recorded these tracks at Patton's last recording session. Lee has a good strong voice, and sings a lot like Patton which is pretty interesting and fun to hear. Patton plays guitar on this track, mirroring perhaps the message of the song as Lee tells Patton what he needs to do(or quit doing) to keep her, and Patton just plays the guitar with little regard to what Lee is saying.

  • Bertha Lee - Mind Reader Blues (Link Fixed)
  • |||110867022526229502|||Agenda and Changes2/17/2005 04:32:08 PM|||toph|||The link seems to be broken.2/17/2005 04:36:46 PM|||Anonymous|||Here's the Vanessa interview: http://www.popgurls.com/article_show.php3?id=5292/18/2005 09:02:00 AM|||Brent|||Hm.. The link still doesn't work.