2/25/2005 12:39:00 PM|||peter patnaik|||Alright so the site is pretty broken right now on everything but my computer. It's weird because I use Firefox (for linux) and the page loads up perfectly, but Firefox(for windows) doesn't load the page at all. I ran the site through W3C Markup Validation and there are 74 (!!!) errors with the code, I'm hoping that after fixing these problems the site will at least load in Firefox for everyone. Also IE explorer displays the site really poorly, I'm not sure why, but hopefully that will go away also.

Thank you for everyone who have been emailing and leaving comments about the site and helping work out some of the problems.

quick song today, isn't josh rouse a wonderful songwriter? It maybe a little too AM Rock for some, but I just eat this sound up.

  • Josh Rouse - Streetlights
  • |||110935393606675690|||74 errors.2/27/2005 01:40:30 PM|||countrygrrl|||this is indeed a faaab track..like the way his voice soars...reminds me somewhat of Simon and Garfunkle...well kind of..love the blog....by the way