1/18/2005 01:17:37 PM|||peter patnaik|||One of my main internet obsession is constantly checking my webstats but my stupid webcounter has been down since last Friday which is made worse by the fact that for whatever reason I'm receiving more and more hits each day. I think I'm going to use Stat Counter but does anyone have any recommendations for a free, invisible counter with good stats?

These two songs are the most famous works of Garfield Akers. Yesterday's song by Akers was a solo number, this has the wonderful Joe Calicott whose guitar playing on this track is easily the best work he did, and of course Akers' voice that just makes fall in love with the blues all over again. Part one has a more intricate guitar playing, whereas part two features a hard driving repetitive guitar work that mimics Akers' tone and style of singing. Akers and Calicott played together for most of their lives, Akers died in 59 and I think these were his only recorded sessions. Calicott was recording by George Mitchell whose recorded works were recently released on Fat Possum last year, though I think those Mitchell recordings, while interesting to hear people like Calicott and Furry Lewis record again, are highly over-rated and not really that great.

  • Garfield Akers - Cottonfield Blues Pt. I

  • Garfield Akers - Cottonfield Blues Pt. II

  • |||110607522957695246|||Sounds Just Like A Poem, If It Rhymed It Would Rhyme With Murder1/18/2005 03:15:37 PM|||Bobby_Digital|||Stat Counter is simple and easy to use and I like it. But then I'm a n00b so there ya go.

    http://digitalbul1et.blogspot.com/1/18/2005 04:36:32 PM|||Miles|||Well, I'm not sure what your previous webcounter was; bowever, I feel that there's a good chance it was the one from das.reinvigorate.net, as their site has recently gone done. If so, ignore this suggestion. If not, I'd give their services a try. They are free, but very thorough.1/19/2005 12:47:58 PM|||peter patnaik|||i was using das.reinvigorate.net but it's be so unstable and/or down for the last week or so. also it tends to freeze firefox for some reason.1/21/2005 10:55:37 AM|||Tuwa|||Great tracks.

    I was using extremetracking.com, which kept track of hits and referers. Very simple set up and it was reliable for me.