1/19/2005 11:41:00 AM|||peter patnaik|||First chance I get, I'm moving to California. I only really need one season, cold weather is really the worst thing ever. Just because I love the blues and the residents of this snow-covered city, I will be doing a radio show tonight from 7-9, the show is the same format as this blog and streams at www.wuag.net.

Frank Edwards is a great blues player with a long recording history. Based mostly in Georgia his blues style is heavily informed by Blind Willie McTell as much as artists as Blind Boy Fuller. This track is from 1941 and features Edwards on guitar and a really powerful harmonica as well as Washboard Sam. Edwards recorded again in the 70s for Trix and then for Music Maker Foundation up until his death almost three years ago. The Music Make Foundation has a wonderful album by him that compiles not only his work for them but his older tracks.

  • Frank Edwards - We Got To Get Together

  • |||110615640002179203|||Snowy1/21/2005 05:42:32 PM|||Anonymous|||Do you do a show on a weekly basis? Is the schedule posted online at wuag correct? I see the 9-11 pm Tuesday show "Gate City Blues". Your tunes selection is fantastic, would like to check it out sometime. Thanks.

    BTW, I'm just down the road a ways in Burke County (too far for radio alas). You got a bit too used to the 75 degree days huh? Same here.

    ~AKD1/23/2005 08:07:04 PM|||peter patnaik|||my show is on wedenesdays, that schedule on the wuag site is from last semester.yea it could really be 75 degrees all year around and i wouldn't mind.