1/26/2005 02:50:58 PM|||peter patnaik|||As normal my radio show, The Gate City Blues, is tonight from 7-9pm (EST) and streams live/with track titles at wuag.net. Also tonight is a new Project Runway, and I'm hoping that Robert is going to be out this time. Besides everyone knows that Kara is going to win, though Austin and Jay could make it close. I still don't understand why everyone is picking Morgan and then being surprised that she makes a mess out of everything.

It has been pointed out to me recently that I haven't posted a Blind Lemon Jefferson track, in fact the only mention of lemons was in a post about "Keep It Clean." Blind Lemon Jefferson in my opinion was the best blues songwriter, by far. Jefferson has a way with words that is beyond most songwriters past and current, lyrics like:

Well, my heart stopped beating and my hands turned cold
Now I believe what the bible told


And I wonder why they electrocute a man at the oneoclock hour of night
Because the current is much stronger, when the folks has turned out all the lights

Jefferson is a legend for not only his lyrics but also his solid guitar playing, while not owning completely to his Texas roots, was still highly aware of the style, but mostly jumped from genre to genre most effortlessly. This track "One Dime Blues" is one of my favorites by him, it shows of his guitar work and voice as well has containing some wonderful lyrics.

  • Blind Lemon Jefferson - One Dime Blues

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