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Buddy Woods is a great Texas Blues slide guitar player from the late 20s and early 30s. He played in Texas with Black Ace and then moved to Shreveport, La were he became famous as a Decca recording artist and member of several local blues groups. This track " Don't Sell It (Don't Give It Away" was his most famous track, recorded in 1930 in Texas, but released on several labels after that. It features some wonderful uptempo guitar work and mumbled lyrics, feels a lot like a Piedmont Blues track with slide guitar and piano.

  • Buddy Woods - Don't Sell It (Don't Give It Away) Link Fixed

  • |||110478661779780053|||New Years1/3/2005 04:57:31 PM|||Anonymous|||Peter, this link needs fixin'. Thanks,
    ~Steve H.1/3/2005 05:24:44 PM|||srok|||Yep - the link is broken; however, you can easily remedy this by choosing 'Copy link location' in the browser's right click menu, pasting the link into the address bar and then manually inserting the missing slash after 'prewarblues' and before the song title: http://www.vanoast.com/prewarbluesbuddy_woods_dont_sell_it_dont_give_it_away.mp3
    http://www.vanoast.com/prewarblues/buddy_woods_dont_sell_it_dont_give_it_away.mp31/4/2005 10:24:19 AM|||Anonymous|||this is a fun track. possibly its my imagination, but his mumbling seems to clear up as the song progresses.
    ~Steve H