1/25/2005 01:13:54 PM|||peter patnaik|||I hope everyone enjoyed Geoff's first of hopefully many posts about prewar jazz music, that track is just so so good. I will still be posting pre-war blues of course, so don't fear. The oft mentioned redesign is still being finalized I'll have the mockup on a separate website pretty soon, It's looking really good.

Today's track is from a blues legend Henry Townsend a fantastic guitar player and one of the premier St. Louis blues musicians. Townsend had a long and storied career for many different labels and time periods, but this track is from his first recording session in 1931 for Paramount Records. Doctor, Oh Doctor, I think is one of his finest even more so than his famous "Baby, Please Don't Go." Townsend published a really great and interesting autobiography a few years back called "A Blues Life" that is definitely worth the read, it talks about not only about Townsend recording and playing with other blues greats but also the business side of recording as a pre and post war blues artist.

  • Henry Townsend - Doctor, Oh Doctor

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