1/28/2005 01:06:44 PM|||peter patnaik|||What a extremely long week, no weekend could be long enough, really. Hotel Rwanda and Million Dollar Baby start playing here today, hopefully I'll be able to catch both of them this weekend. Also I think Netflix is starting to throttle my account. The hub is located in Greensboro, but it is taking my movies an extra day to get there and sometimes up to two days to get back. The worst part about it is that I'm not really a high-volume user ! I watch like 3 a-week, which is nowhere near what some people are going through. Meh.

The Moaners are a great female-blues-rock duo from North Carolina whose first album Dark Snack came out on Yep Roc this week. The ladies are from Trailer Bride and Grand National, but this album sounds more like The Kills, but dirtier. They cover "Going Down The Road Feeling Bad" the great Elizabeth Cotten track, which is pretty awesome, but this track "Flannery Said" is my favorite, just make sure to turn it up loud.

  • The Moaners - Flannery Said

  • |||110693303543717025|||The Moaners1/29/2005 06:41:48 AM|||Anonymous|||Hi! Today's link doesn't seem to work with me... Thanks for your great work, btw! I enjoy your songs a lot!

    kindofblue1/29/2005 10:03:38 PM|||heath|||heyo I am lovin the moaners from what I have heard so far and will be seeing em live in a couple of weeks, cant wait! and lo, we both blogged them in the past week. cheers. heath