1/4/2005 11:50:23 AM|||peter patnaik|||Amazon.com has these auctions that no one ever uses, almost everything I've watched has ended without a bid. Late last week I won a Nintendo DS for the low low low price of $50, because no one bid on it but me! Now of course the guy can't be contacted, though he has put up some more auctions. I'm not worried about my money cause Amazon has a really good policy on returns, but I really wish this guy would just take the lose and ship me my ultra-cheap DS.

I've posted several Lonnie Johnson songs in the past, but this overcast day and the strength of his guitar playing in this song makes it worth the repetition. This track is Lonnie Johnson solo playing his own guitar and lameting wild women. Wonderfully sad track.

  • Lonnie Johnson - I Just Can't Stand These Blues

  • |||110485958330098136|||I've Stood These Blues