1/14/2005 09:43:22 AM|||peter patnaik|||I rewatched the Warriors and Assault Precinct 13 this week and I think I need the soundtrack to both films, the opening theme to 13 is so awesome. The remake is going to be a disaster for sure. Also there should be a good John Carpenter box set, I mean where's the director's cut of They Live?

If you haven't been following the blog long, Fridays are dedicated to non-blues music and are normally pretty varied in terms of what I post. Today I'm posting a track, one of my favorites from 2004 Estelle's 1980. Highly danceable with great grime-style lyrics Estelle could be or should be posed to break out over here. I don't normally dig on UK rappers, I hate the streets and only a few Dizzie Rascal songs, but this Estelle album has me hooked.

  • Estelle - 1980

  • |||110571538742351032|||I don't sit in chairs as well as I used to. 1/14/2005 10:38:24 AM|||Deep Soul Junkie|||outstanding site, kudos to you.1/14/2005 03:19:57 PM|||R. Piggy|||Damn skippy on Warriors and Assault on Precinct 13!1/14/2005 03:21:25 PM|||R. Piggy|||Oh and would the director's cut of They Live have a full hour and a half long fight between Rowdy Roddy and the other guy in the alley?