1/27/2005 02:42:31 PM|||peter patnaik|||Project Runway was pretty great again last night. I agree that Kevin Johnn should have been kicked off because he failed on a much larger level than Wendy. Robert is pulling a Alexandria now though, just being overly average so that he isn't noticed as a failure or a success. He'll be gone, soon though. Great win for Kara Saun, she's pretty much a lock to win this show, her design was awesome. The Moaners new album is coming out next week or something, anyway it's really damn good - I'll have some tracks up tomorrow, but I mean run, don't walk.

I played this track last night, accidentally (I was trying to play William Harris' Kansas City Blues) and it really stuck me as a fantastic blues song. I'm not sure why it took so long to dawn on me, I've always loved Joe Calicott's guitar work (like on the Akers tracks from last week) but his voice had never really done much for me. This track has really changed my mind on that, instead of the silly dirty blues track I had written it of as, Calicott is much more impassioned when singing about his lady going around with lots of other men.Its a very subtle song punctuated by Calicott's amazing guitar work.

  • Joe Calicott - Fare Thee Well Blues
  • |||110686197115715253|||Got More Men, The A Two Ton Truck Can Haul