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I had to make an late night unexpected (though much regreted) trip to the Twin Cities last night, and thus missed my radio show, yet again. Hopefully i won’t get fired.

Also, I am looking for a cheap (read: free) webspace storage to upload songs too instead of the billion free earthlink accounts i’m using now. drop me a line at pkpatnaik at gmail.

Today I am posting a track recorded by Alan Lomax in 1936 at the Parchman Penitentiary, Mississippi. Frank Evans, who not much is known about, the track is real good and features Evans’ unusal sounding guitar (almost like casey bill weldon) and great vocals. the recording sounds like it gets cut off, but it just stops really studdeningly.

  • Frank Evans – Red River Blues

  • I’m gonna buy me a bulldog, watch my old lady whilst I sleep
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    Tonight I will be doing my radio show from 11-1am EST at, be sure to check it out, hopefully i won’t be too addicted to NCAA Football 2005 by then.

    Yesterday I posted about Jim Clark – I still haven’t found any information about him, though sometimes he goes by Jim Clarke. He is on a smattering of Yazoo releases, so if anyone has information about him drop me a line.

    Blind Joe (Willie) Reynolds was born Gayle Wardlow at the turn of the century in Arkanasas. He was blinded by a shotgun shot to the face – but that did not prevent him from becoming a master slide guitar player and a sharpshooter with a pistol. He recorded 8 sides in all, only four have been found. “Outside Woman Blues” is my favorite song by him, great guitar preformace and bitting vocals. The recording is sorta scratchy, but not too bad.

  • Blind Joe Reynolds – Outside Woman Blues

  • Playful.
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    I had a really good weekend, on saturday i went to the Dwell House in Pittboro, NC ( for the open house – it was really intersting to see one of these model houses in real life and to see that modular housing doesn’t have to be awful.

    I’m in a pretty playful mood, so today’s track is by Jim Clark and it’s a dance number with a great call and response section called “Fat Fanny Stomp.” I haven’t found a lot of information about Jim Clark, he was a jump blues piano player, from the midwest (i’ll guess the st.louis area) and he played as a session player for a number of singers. The track is really simple, but will make you wanna get up and shake that fat fanny. turn it up real loud, folks.

  • Jim Clark – Fat Fanny Stomp

  • The Louvin Brothers Are Real
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    Sorry about not updating yesterday, things just got loose. Today’s update is pretty fantastic, though – so hopefully it will win your heart back.

    One of the best close harmony groups (second to only the Blue Sky Boys) the Louvin Brothers were known for their amazing voices and solid instrumentation. They were one of the biggest groups around during the 40’s and early 50’s and even made the transition into rock and roll rather smoothly, but their personalities and Ira’s violent drinking habits split the pair apart, though Charlie had a respectful solo career afterwards, Ira wasn’t so lucky and died an awful death.

    The Louvin Brothers are known by a lot of people now for their album “Satan is Real,” and rightfully so. The album’s mix of bizarre religous songs and top notch instrumentation is as amzing now as it was then.

    Last year an amazing tribute album by some of nashville’s top singers was released and they do some great verisons of the Louvin Brother’s songs.

  • Louvin Brothers – Are You Afraid To Die?
  • Louvin Brothers – The Christian Life
  • Ronnie Dunn and Rebecca Lynn Howard – If I Could Only Win Your Love

  • Hello world!
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    Welcome to WordPress. This is the first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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    If you tuned into my radio show, I hope that you enjoyed it. It went off pretty well, but it’s really easy to see that i’m rusty from not doing it for so long. I played today’s song on the show and it was so great – i wanted to play it a few more times, but i resisted.

    Ruth Ladson only recorded four sides, two of which were issued (though those two haven’t been discovered yet), this track “Windy City Blues” was recorded in Chicago in 1940 featuring a stellar backing band (The Three Shadows) of Lonnie Johnson on guitar and Simeon Henry on piano and Ransom Knowling on bass. Ladson herself has an amazing and sexy voice and it sways oh so perfectly with the tune. A great track

  • Ruth Ladson – Windy City Blues

  • Radio Show Tonight !!!!!!
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    i’ll be doing my radio show tonight 11-1am EST.

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    We left Nashville at 1pm. We arrived, after three wrecks and two heavy traffic areas (and an awful salad bar at ruby tuesdays) in Greensboro at 1:20 am. Worst drive back, ever. The stay in Nashville was a blast and i was able to pick up some great records, though i couldn’t find as many intersting record stores as i would hope.

    The first post of the week is a track by King Solomon Hill “Gone Dead Train.” Hill’s brief recorded work (6 sides) focused mainly on trains and the hobo culture that surround them. “Gone Dead Train,” follows in that tradition and features Hill’s amazing voice and slide guitar playing (which he did with a cow bone of all things) his style is greatly influnced by Blind Lemon Jefferson, but he stands alone easily.

  • King Solomon Hill – Gone Dead Train

  • Talkin’ Road Trip Blues
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    Today will be the last update til next Tuesday, as i’ll be in nashville. I’ll be checking my email and stuff from there, so if any locals wanna give me the heads up on the good record stores in town are, please do – as always my email is pkpatnaik at gmail.

    Today i was going to post some country music, but i mean it’s not Friday! Anyway, this track is from a lady who needs no introduction – Bessie Smith. When people think of female blues singers – Bessie Smith and for good reason – Smith embodies the perfection of the genre. Smith also falls vicitm to female blues going out of style right when her voice and her talent was at its peak. She died in a car crash – on verge of what might of been a comeback. There is a lot of mystery behind the car crash – the rumour is that she as taken to a white hospital – in time to save her life, but she was refused because she was black, by the time she had made it to the black hosipital she had already died.

    The song i’m putting up is the classic blues track “Them ‘Had Been’ Blues,” shows off Smith’s wonderful voice and great phrasing. The song is also almost anti-blues as she’s yelling at a woman for NOT getting over her man, a simple piano gives away for Smith’s amazing voice.

  • Bessie Smith – Them “Had Been” Blues

  • Just One More Day
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    I really can’t wait til tomorrow, when i’ll be driving up to Nashville til Monday (this means no updates til next tuesday) this week has gone on long enough already.

    quick update today.

    luke jordan is a pretty unknown virginia blues singer, he only recorded 12 sides, but they all feature very solid east coast blues style guitar playing and real nice laid back voice. the song i’m posting is from his last recording session – and is very remorseful track – featuring some of his best guitar work.

    more information – and another song here

  • Luke Jordan – If I Call You Mama