12/30/2004 02:37:57 PM|||peter patnaik|||It was like 67 degrees here yesterday, I'm not sure if that hurt or helped my cold really, but it was nice for it not to be so repressively cold anymore. Tomorrow I hopefully will have my top 20 or 25 albums of the year and 10 or so reissues and a few tracks to go along with that.

This track is from the recently released Elizabeth Cotten collection on Folkways. It features recordings from a slightly later time than the first and after she had been on the folk circuit for a number of years. The influence of the folk revival is very heavy on the disc, it features more complex guitar instrumentals and the I don't think the song choices are nearly as strong has the first collection of recordings. This is one of my favorite tracks from the album, that features her amazing guitar work and tender voice.

  • Elizabeth Cotten - Can't Get A Letter From Down The Road

  • |||110443901788704768|||Winter...12/31/2004 12:45:30 AM|||Jesse|||Great tune... unless my ears deceive me, I think that's a banjo, not a guitar, but it's great picking nonetheless.12/31/2004 02:21:55 AM|||peter patnaik|||I think it is a banjo, but the notes to the song refer to it as a "guitar tune," so i don't know.12/31/2004 10:19:35 AM|||Kat|||Great track! It is also my favorite on this album!