12/29/2004 01:29:47 PM|||peter patnaik|||Still sick and my house is like 98 degrees. I called Doctor Clayton to make me feel better, and all he did was tell that his woman is cheating on him. Peter Cleighton or Doctor Clayton was a really great blues singer, whose style and vocal antics were a heavily influence on Screaming Jay Hawkins, this track "Honey Stealin' Blues" features Blind John Davis on piano. Clayton doesn't do his very weird style of yelling/singing on this track, but gives a rather sober performance in what was to be his second to last recording session.

  • Doctor Clayton - Honey Stealin' Blues
  • |||110434510736430513|||So I Called Doctor Clayton12/29/2004 07:03:46 PM|||Anonymous|||Nothing better than a tuba solo to make you feel better. I like this song alot. The only other thing I've heard by this artist is Angels In Harlem which I like as well. I have a Big Miller recording where he mentions Doctor Clayton in a song about Harlem. It's good to read more about him.

    thanks for posting the song.