12/20/2004 01:19:05 PM|||peter patnaik|||I finally started and almost finished my shopping, I have to pick up a few things today - hopefully it won't be too messy once I get out there. Today is the first day in Honey's Christmas song bash, these songs also represent the only Christmas songs, minus Elvis singing Blue Christmas (or maybe that Low EP) that I can actually listen to and not want to dig my eyes out.

Elzadie Robinson is a unknown blues singer from Louisiana who played a lot with Will Ezell. Bob Call(!) is the piano player on this track however, Robinson's has a good voice, and this song asking Santa to bring her daddy back, cause God isn't listening anymore, makes it one of the essential blues Christmas recordings. Robinson would move to Chicago and then to New York where she performed under a different name, for such an unknown she recorded quite a bit, and has two volumes of recordings on Document Records.

  • Elzadie Robinson - Santa Claus Craze
  • |||110356807643650699|||Santa Claus Crave