12/23/2004 02:54:52 PM|||peter patnaik|||Apparently my disdain for Christmas music has caught up with me. I had to pick between Boyz II Men singing Silent Night or this Louis Armstrong instrumental piece. I was leaning towards Silent Night, because I had remembered it being a lot of fun, turns out I was thinking of something else. Needless to say I will be taking tomorrow off, because I'm flat out of Christmas songs and also (mainly) because I'll be out of town until Monday. Next week, more prewarblues and my 2004 lists o' plenty.

  • Louis Armstrong - Santa Claus Blues (Link Fixed)
  • |||110383539878122098|||Santa Claus Blues12/23/2004 05:38:06 PM|||Anonymous|||Today's link is broken for me. Just thought I'd let you know. -toph12/31/2004 02:25:41 AM|||Anonymous|||Satchmo at his best...Thanks for the selection.