12/21/2004 01:17:21 PM|||peter patnaik|||As a Christmas gift to myself my wonderful kitchen sink have decided to clog all of sudden, and no amount of Liquid Plumber has been able free the blockage. Please send me a plumber for Christmas. I think I'm going to buy myself a Christmas gift today, cause The Simpsons Season Five is too tempting to resist.

Charlie Jordan is one of Honey's favorite blues people. Jordan's is most famous for the fun "Keep It Clean" and also for his guitar work on some great Peetie Wheatstraw sides. Jordan was a known bootlegger in St.Louis, and in 1928 he was shot and suffered some spinal damage, but he was able to overcome the injury and still play and travel as a bluesman and talent scout for Decca. This track "Christmas Christmas Blues" is a really slow/sad blues song, but the lyrics seem very typical Charlie Jordan and almost have a Piedmont blues quality to them. It's not really the best Charlie Jordan track, but it is good.

  • Charlie Jordan - Christmas Christmas Blues

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