12/27/2004 01:49:14 PM|||peter patnaik|||Hope everyone's holidays haven't been too blue, I'm just glad I don't have to hear anymore Christmas songs. I got a bunch of new blues cds for Christmas, so I'm really excited about sharing some new and wonderful songs with ya'll. The main problem with the people I will be posting in the next weeks is that they are little known blues artists, and it's hard enough to find good information and pictures of famous blues people, most of my posts for the next few weeks won't have a picture or a lot of information, but I'll try to make up for it and other ways.

This track "Gotta Shave 'Em Dry" by James "Boddle It" Wiggins is a really fun version of the song that Lucille Bogan would make famous some years later." Wiggins changed most of the main lyrics with his own, and he writes and sounds a lot like Charlie Jordan (Keep It Clean). The track features some really great piano work, but the player is unknown. I wish I knew more about this song, I had always thought it was a Lucille Bogan song before I heard this version recorded some six years before Bogan's famous version. I'm guessing that it has its roots in Hokum standards and the "Dozens," does anyone have any more versions of this song?

  • James Wiggins - Gotta Shave 'Em Dry

  • Lucille Bogan - Shave Em Dry
  • |||110417503486511441|||No More Christmas!12/27/2004 03:21:24 PM|||R. Piggy|||PREACH IT, my anti-Xmas tune brother, preach it! Really, I know I'm out of touch with the human race but this fascination with Yule music has had me confounded. Especially since we're talking about eclectic musicheads. Doesn't a person fulfill their Jingle Bells/White Christmas quota by just going to a store?12/31/2004 09:16:44 PM|||Anonymous|||The song "Shave Him Dry" is also covered (superbly!) by THE ASYLUM STREET SPANKERS, Christina Marrs on vocals.