12/2/2004 09:03:34 AM|||peter patnaik|||I thought that to see if updating in the morning would bring in more hits, instead of late afternoon. I'm pressing on with the gospel music today, I really wanted to post these amazing Gee's Bend songs, but I can't find the cds !!! A good portion of the weekend will be devoted to finding that set, never fear.

Rev. Isaiah Shelton's The Liar, is a stunning track, the first couple of times I heard it I didn't notice that it was acapella because Shelton's voice is so rhythmic it almost seems like there is a backing track. This type of track was very popular in the prewar era with people like F.W McGee and Rev. J.M. Gates being the most famous preachers who would record short sermons and songs preaching morality and sometimes even against blues or secular music. Ray Charles would eventually use the refrain from this track for his song "Leave My Woman Alone."

  • Rev. Isaiah Shelton - The Liar
  • |||110199873445148630|||Morning Updates12/2/2004 04:12:19 PM|||Anonymous|||It is a stunning track -- what an amazing voice! (aside from the occasional gulp). Just the right amount help from the chorus, which can sometimes get out of hand. Thanks!
    ~Steve H12/3/2004 09:43:27 AM|||Anonymous|||btw, was looking for the recording date on this and bumped into this discography of 78's at http://settlet.fateback.com/discography.html It is indexed in a more user friendly way at http://www.honkingduck.com/discog/olds_search.php Both ways its hard to search, cause REV SHELTON hit on google, but not either of the searches at these sites.

    Anyway, THE LIAR recorded New Orleans 3/8/27 on Victor, which you probably already knew, cause you ripped it.
    ~Steve H