12/1/2004 02:05:41 PM|||peter patnaik|||I was going to call the blog after this track and also a blues mix cd I made for artofthemix.org way back when. Honey, Where You Been So Long sounded more blog worthy at the end, though. I'm thinking about redesigning the blog in a few weeks, to lose this template and to make it stand out more from the other blogspot.com blogs, a lot of which use this very same template. If anyone has suggestions or design skills (I have zero, and I was going to farm this out to one of my friends, but I figured blues fans would understand more) send me an email.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe, much like Son House represents the duality in blues music to the fullest. Tharpe was an amazing guitar player, but as she recorded more and more there was great pressure to use fuller instrumentation and a more secular sound. Tharpe never sang anything but the gospel, but her sound was moving further away from the popular gospel sound of the time (which I posted about yesterday). It was unfortunate that she was being pulled by two great focuses, her secular music hides her guitar, but she could have never been just a guitar player with some preacher singing. This track "I Looked Down The Line(and I wondered)" is a great blues standard that showcases Tharpe's wonderful guitar playing and stunning voice.

  • Sister Rosetta Tharpe - I Looked Down The Line (and I wondered)

  • |||110193226137581276|||I Looked Down The Line...12/1/2004 04:37:29 PM|||howard|||Hi peter,
    i don't profess to be a bloggertemplate expert, but I'll gladly give you a hand with a new template if you want one.12/1/2004 10:15:12 PM|||Anonymous|||wow.

    smokin' tracks. thanks a bunch for both sister rosetta and the memphis sanctified singers. probably more partial to sister rosetta...