12/9/2004 02:00:16 PM|||peter patnaik|||The worst part about not being able to control your own heat, is everything. Yesterday it was nice and warm outside, but the heat made me suffer in here, now today it's cold and the heat is off! I'm cuddled up with the Gee's Bend albums and a cup of tea. You can buy and view quilts from the Gee's Bend at Quilts Of Gee's Bend I also noticed that anthropologie has quilts claiming to be from the Gee's Bend, but they don't really look like the style and most likely don't have anything to do with Gee's Bend.

Today is the final posting of songs from Gee's Bend, and these recordings are from 2002. In 2002, documentary filmmakers went to Gee's Bend to record some of the continuing quilt making practices and after hearing some of the older recordings, decided to also record the songs of Gee's Bend. This batch of tracks and the first set of tracks are a lot smaller groups or duets as opposed to the choirs and larger groups of singers from the first, but the spirit and songs come from the same place. All of these songs are just amazing.

  • China Pettway and Jacklin Young Bates - I Know I've Been Changed

  • Creola B. Pettway and Arlonzia Pettway - It's Going To Rain

  • |||110262393523726842|||Gee's Bend Final Day12/10/2004 08:07:20 PM|||Matt Arnett|||Thank you for posting the wonderful comments about the Gee's Bend music.
    I produced the CD and am grateful for you for saying such kind words.
    I'll share it with the women.
    How did you hear about them and the music?12/10/2004 08:07:52 PM|||Matt Arnett|||Unfortunately, I only had room for two disks worth of music and because I
    was producing the cd in conjunction with the quilt exhibit, I only used
    music that was performed by quilt makers or their spouses.
    In all, I have about 300 songs worth of material.
    I'm about to begin recording some more.
    I hope to put out a few more cds for them next year and the year after.

    Also, PBS is airing a documentary about the women and the exhibition on
    February 3rd.
    Also, the BBC is airing a thirty minute documentary about the music, also in
    All of the recordings for the BBC piece were recorded especially for the
    program. And are also very good.

    As I said before, thanks for helping spread the word about these amazing
    women and their community.