12/7/2004 01:15:50 PM|||peter patnaik|||What a rainy day, perfect day for the blues. Today is day two in the Gee's Bend series of posts, and by request you can purchase this double album at www.tinwoodmedia.com, apparently amazon.com does not stock the album, though it stocks the wonderful book.

The Gee's Bend community started out a community of former slaves who were moved to Alabama from North Carolina by their master in the late 19th century. During the 1930's their owners had gone bankrupted and the bank took everything from the land, but the Federal Government bought back the land and gave it to the former slaves who formed a co-op and tended farm land. While the Federal Government was building the land back up, Robert Sonkin recorded the voices of the people of Gee's Bend, in a more traditional gospel setting than the tracks from 2002 I posted yesterday. The 1941 recordings are mostly females, but have a few male led tracks that I will post tomorrow. I really love Seeball Kennedy's version of "I Just Can't Keep From Crying," almost more than Blind Willie's even, so tender and fragile it always just rips me apart. "You Needn't Mind Me Dying." is Lucy Pettway leading a church chorus in their own version of "Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed."

  • Seebell Kennedy - I Just Can't Keep From Crying

  • You Needn't Mind Me Dying Led by Lucy T. Pettway

  • |||110244582309406657|||Gee's Bend Day Two12/8/2004 09:44:06 AM|||Anonymous|||can't keep from crying is done beautifully here. I was sorry that it stops suddenly at 1'30" -- is this the whole track?
    ~Steve H12/8/2004 12:56:27 PM|||peter patnaik|||yes, that track is only 1:30, almost too brief!12/17/2004 12:57:45 AM|||Anonymous|||And where are your links to the Gee's Bend site, and/or acknowledgements of copyright? You've stolen their pictures, too!

    ALL photographic images fall under copyright laws. You've added insult to injury by STEALING IMAGES as well as POSTING MUSIC ILLEGALLY, without artist/label/estate approval.

    - Posted by a fed-up musician!