12/8/2004 01:00:28 PM|||peter patnaik|||I've been pretty pleased with the response these recordings have been getting this week. Today I'll be posting some male led tracks from the 1941 recording sessions, then tomorrow the last day I'll conclude with two more tracks from the 2002 recording sessions. Make sure you check out www.tinwoodmedia.com for more information and to purchase the discs.

The first track is "Here Am I (Send Me)" led by Ernest Pettway, I really love the choir on this track, while Ernest Pettway sings the main verses, they create a percussion track with their chanting, very haunting and wonderful. The second track is a Oliver Pharr leading an uptempo version of Amazing Grace, I think that Pharr sounds a lot like Lead Belly.

  • Here Am I (Send Me) Led By Ernest Pettway

  • Amazing Grace (Somewhere To Lay My Head) Led By Oliver Pharr

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