12/22/2004 02:25:01 PM|||peter patnaik|||
So apparently if I mention a non-blues artist (how come document or yazoo records don't read my blog?)I get put on press release lists.So I'm wondering how many times it takes before I get some free cds to review?

(Frankie Jaxon on top of the piano)

Today's Christmas track came as a bit of a surprise when I received it a few weeks ago from one of Honey's contributors Bob Linn. Frankie "Half Pint" Jaxon was quite the character and a true entertainer. Jaxon was a skilled dancer, singer , set design and as a blues singer. I had always known him as singing what were called "hokum" songs, basically dirty blues with ragtime style instrumentation. This track Jaxon recorded with Ernest Miller as the "Cotton Top Sanctified Singers" and is a nice simple track recounting the Christmas story. It's a whole lot of fun, and Jaxon's very odd voice is on full display.

  • Cotton Top Sanctified Singers (Frankie Half-Pint Jaxon and Ernest Miller) - Early On One Christmas Morn

  • |||110374668175649278|||Early On One Christmas Morn12/22/2004 08:52:10 PM|||Anonymous|||Are they related to the Memphis Sanctified Singers? what's with the "Sanctified Singers" name?12/22/2004 10:23:57 PM|||peter patnaik|||It's odd actually; the sanctified singing style refers to a type of gospel music that's highlighted by a shouting/hollering style of singing. Lots of secular blues musicians would record under different names or as part of gospel groups and I think this track is an example of this, as it has very little to do with actual gospel or sanctified singing.10/22/2005 05:53:36 AM|||Anonymous|||Hi, enjoyed your blog/site related to **Christmas** I'm going to add your10/27/2005 01:45:30 AM|||singers|||Hi peter p naik, I came across your site while doing a search on Sexy Celebrities, popular female sigers, dancers, actresses and models. Though you don't have exactly what I was searching for it still provided quite an interested read. Thanks and keep up the good work!11/22/2005 06:31:53 AM|||Photographers|||Hey peter p naik,

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