11/30/2004 02:58:48 PM|||peter patnaik|||I'm going to make an effort to post some more gospel music up here. I started out posting some, but it has been awhile since I've explore the other side of pre-war blues. I sent another batch of mixes out today, hopefully no one has been waiting too long for their mix, I got behind by a lot recently, but I should be mostly caught up now.

The Memphis Sanctified Singers were a gospel supergroup of sorts featuring Bessie Johnson and Will Shade (leader of the Memphis Jug Band who played some of the best gospel music of the pre-war era. The basic structure of the songs are similar to blues songs, but instead of having call and response between the singer and the guitar, it is a much more traditional call and response between the leader singer and their choir. Isn't Will Shade's voice the best thing ever?

  • Memphis Sanctified Singers - He Got Better Things For You

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