11/11/2004 02:08:47 PM|||peter patnaik|||Tomorrow should welcome the arrival of second contributor who will bring his considerable knowledge of post-war blues and r 'n' b music to the Honey fold. I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. I'll still be doing my part in sharing the prewar blues love, never fear, but there a lot of really great people in the post-war era (that quiet frankly I don't know enough about) that I think would be a great addition to the site.

Lucille Bogan, another Alabama blues singer, was one of the best blues singers of the pre-war era. Her subject matter was tough, covering drugs, prostitution, murder and everything in between. More so than Lil' Johnson who used sex in songs as a form of humor, Bogan told her stories as sign that this world is just a no good place. All of this despair might have been too much even for the most dedicated blues fan of the era and Bogan's sides sold very poorly. This track "Skin Game Blues" was recorded under the name Bessie Jackson and was Bogan's last recording ever, the Skin Game works both as a tell of prostitution and abuse as well as Bogan's own sporadic work for various record labels.

  • Lucille Bogan - Skin Game Blues

  • |||110020302289104339|||Skin Game Blues11/12/2004 05:42:28 PM|||alan|||This is a nice track, but there's an even better 'Skin Game Blues', in my opinion, by Peg Leg Howell. It would be great to see it posted here if you ever have a copy handy. Wonderful blog by the way. Thanks.