11/29/2004 01:03:04 PM|||peter patnaik|||I hope everyone's thanksgiving went well and that a short week full of Louise Johnson was enough to hold you over until now. I've been trying to search my blog archive using google, but it seems to only search to a certain point - I'm using search term site:prewarblues.blogspot.com but it doesn't seem to cover the whole site. Any help?

St. Louis Jimmy or Jimmy Oden was a major player through both the prewar blues era through the war and the birth of the Chicago sound. This track "That's All I Think" was recorded in 1932 with Roosevelt Sykes on piano, one of the best matching of voice and accompaniment that I can think of. Later Jimmy would form JOB records who had a great stable of Chicago style blues and was later bought by Apollo then Delmark record labels.

  • St. Louis Jimmy - That's All I Know
  • |||110175360411251944|||Salad Days12/10/2004 12:52:05 AM|||Paul Irish|||I've noticed the same limitations in Google's site specific search.

    Feedster's Advanced Search is pretty good with finding stuff like that sometimes..