11/4/2004 02:50:02 PM|||peter patnaik|||Brief update today, because I have a bunch of errands to run after moping around all of yesterday. Kerry's concession speech was really moving, he would have made a great president.

Robert Wilkins is an older blues musicians who was well established in the Memphis Blues scene while people like Son House and Memphis Minnie were coming up. Unlike a lot of blues musicians, Wilkins never had a set style, and we was able to play in many different styles and band settings. Despite, or maybe because of his versatility he did not record as much as others, but what he did record is very solid. This track "I'll Go With Her Blues" shows off his considerable guitar talent and a wonderful voice. He also recorded "Prodigal Son" which the Rolling stones would later cover.

  • Robert - Wilkins-I'll Go With Her Blues

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