11/22/2004 03:25:02 PM|||peter patnaik|||I'll be updating the blog until Wednesday, then taking a break (from everything) until Monday the 29th for Thanksgiving. It's going to be a fun and short week, this track going up today is the fire, really. Undertow was really fantastic, though it suffers from a very unsure voice at times and overall it isn't as personal and moving as All The Real Girls or George Washington, but it was a fine third film and shows Green really moving into his own style.

Today's track is from a ghost of a recording artist. Louise Johnson recorded only four tracks in her career, and all of them are really fantastic. It is even more surprising that she recorded so little with looking at who she recorded with : Crippled Clarence Lofton on piano, Son House with some spoken word and she was dating Charley Patton ! This track "On The Wall" is a fast piano blues track, that seems to anticipate Ruth Brown and Big Maybelle Smith twenty some years before they recorded. Oh Man, it's so good. I can post her other three sides, if demand is high enough.

  • Louise Johnson - On The Wall

  • |||110115577781049634|||On The Wall11/22/2004 05:55:50 PM|||Michael Powell|||Yup. Demand is high enough.11/23/2004 07:48:41 AM|||Anonymous|||Dude, I think that *is* actually Ms Johnson playing piano, there. At any rate, she’s definitely named as being the pianist in the notes from the Revenant Charlie Patton set, which adds... “for years, jazz collectors presumed that Cripple Clarence Lofton was the pianist, a fiction that he apparently supported. After all, who could believe that such an intense aggressive musician could be a woman?”

    It’s also fun to look at the same notes for a full transcription of all the talking and banter on ‘All Night Long Blues’, to see which comments come from Son House, which from Charlie Patton and Willie Brown, and what is known about the relationships between the members of that group during that session.

    Ah....heh. Just saying, is all. You’ve got the best blog around, man.11/23/2004 09:02:36 AM|||Paulo X|||Keep 'em comin'!

    A Brazilian fan of your blog.11/23/2004 02:34:05 PM|||peter patnaik|||wow, thanks for that info. this is just strengths my desire for that charley patton box set.11/25/2004 01:25:56 PM|||Jack|||Blimey! I'm glad I'm late to the Louise Johnson party, and can get to downloading the other three tracks right away.