11/5/2004 01:13:17 PM|||peter patnaik|||The weekend at last! Lots of good tracks up this week and last, especially the Hersal Thomas track from a few days ago. I really wish Undertow or Sideways was playing near me, I mean Undertow at least should be playing Chapel Hill/Durham by now, but I guess movie companies don't really plan where to open movies based on the director's personal life.

Ivory Joe Hunter was one of the first R'n'B artist to really sell well among both black and white artists. Hunter's smooth voice and laid back piano playing did not really fit in with the wilder rock and roll that was developing at the same time, but the strength of his delivery and his songs made up for it and really captured an older generation who mostly didn't like the trend towards rock and roll. This track "You Mean Everything To Me" is a great late night dance party track, so clear some space in yr living room and shake it like ya made it.

  • Ivory Joe Hunter - You Mean Everything To Me

  • |||109968019699983220|||Oh, Ivory Joe11/8/2004 09:33:27 AM|||Nick Francis|||Thanks. Really love that track. And really enjoy your selections too. The old shit is great shit!