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What's up with Gmail today? I haven't been able to login/send email or even search my email if I could login. Bleh. I'm sorry for the delay in the sending of the last batch of cds, I ruined all the cases for them before I could send them out :( But they have been replaced and are almost ready to go.

Memphis Minnie started to play guitar as a child and was almost immedently started to play parties. She would later run away to Memphis and start her recording career. Mostly known for being one of the few female blues artists (though this is somewhat misleading) and a great guitar player, Minnie played with several different types of bands both backing and leading. This track "Outdoor Blues" is a personal track, probably recollecting her time playing for tips on Beale St. shows off her considerable guitar skill, and her powerful and wonderful voice.

  • Memphis Minnie - Outdoor Blues

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