11/10/2004 01:44:16 PM|||peter patnaik|||Huge day yesterday, easily the biggest since this blog was named dropped at CMJ. I hope the servers are working fine for everyone. I have a pretty random request, yesterday I was listening to my local NPR station (either 88.5 or 91.5 in the triad area) and the show was interviewing a professor from UNC-Chapel Hill about the string bands of the North Carolina area and the development of different banjo styles around the same time. He had written a book about the subject and it sounded really interesting, but I can't remember what program this was for or the name of the author. If anyone heard this let me know!

Ed Bell I think is the first Alabama based blues musician I've posted about so far. Bell's unique almost shouting style of singing and his very interesting style of piedmont blues influenced guitar work make him worth seeking out. Lyrically Bell is more influenced by Missippippi style blues, but he seems to be rather unique in his phrasing rather than pulling from the same delta blues pool of lyrics that a lot of people used during the prewar era. His discography is on Document (of course) but there is a real interesting Yazoo compilation of Alabama Blues, I want to track down that has Bell and Jaybird Coleman, but I haven't heard any of the other people. Hopefully it's still in print.

  • Ed Bell - Squabblin' Blues
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    Strig Bands Anyone?