11/15/2004 01:01:32 PM|||peter patnaik|||I though I could set the blog to archive biweekly or something, so that if more than 7 posts are posted during the week all of them would be on the front page. In the settings it looks like I can either do it by the week or by the month, anyone know anything about these settings?

A big batch of mix cds were shipped out today, so be on the look out for them in the next week or so.

Jaydee Short was born in Mississippi and started to play instruments from a very early age. By the time he was 21 he had relocated to St Louis and was inspired by the piano blues more than the Mississippi style he had grown up with. Short had a brief recording career and after a short stint in the Army he spend most of his life salvaging junk from the streets and playing as a one man band on the streets. This track "Barefoot Blues" makes a case for Short being one of the better pre-war blues guitar players and a formidable lyricist.

  • Jaydee Short - Barefoot Blues
  • |||110054361284598859|||Let's Get Barefooted and Drunk11/15/2004 06:31:03 PM|||JM|||Try the "formatting" option under settings. It lets you set how many posts to show on the front page. You can select either a number of posts or number of days. I think the archiving options only change how the archive is broken up and displayed.