11/1/2004 03:34:12 PM|||peter patnaik|||Far Far Far too warm to be the first day of November. This should be a fun month for the blog, I was individual for Tofu Hut and Better propaganda this weekend the interview should be up later this week. The new server hopefully be ready to go by then and also a lot of great tracks are floating in my mind. Also the hope for a new president elect !

I'm not doing a radio show tomorrow, because I was bumped for a humorous look at the election results as they come in. Of course when they told me about it, was just that they were going to present the election results, which seems silly either way because we aren't going to know the winner for a few days and every other media source will be doing actual reporting on the subject and not making awful jokes.

While I know the instrumental piano tracks aren't everyone's favorite I think this track might be the "one" to win the guitar blues fans over. Hersal Thomas was a child prodigy on the piano recording this amazingly mature instrumental track when he was only 15. Sippie Wallace was so impressed by his talent, she would only record with him and quit recording all together when he died in 1926 only a year after this track was recorded.

  • Hersal Thomas - Suitcase Blues
  • |||109934483639476264|||It is 81 Degrees Outside.